There’s magic when two mentors meet.

This morning I had the absolute pleasure again of sharing time with the fabulous Lisa Jaskulla. We sat and pondered by the water and took time to breathe, share our concerns, and recognise our need to pause and reattune to the world.

Without detailing all, we’ve both had a lot on recently, and we’ll openly admit that. Recognition of your own current position is always useful before working with a #child or #youngperson. Are you stressed and projecting that on to them? What’s your bias today?

So it was we ended up sitting on a bench by the water and we reconnected with nature, being mindful for ten minutes, and finding peace before we talked shop. It’s amazing the benefits the water has, and like ripples on a pond, if we don’t take time for self care our issues can soon affect many more than we realise, including those we’re meant to be supporting.

Having accepted what we both can and can’t change at the moment, it was down to business. Lisa was very healthy with her avocado on toast. My healthy eating ideal stopped when the cake and hot chocolate somehow appeared on the table in front of me crying out to be consumed. Who added those marshmallows? Oh well. A little of what you fancy does you good.

Sometimes you only need an hour out of your day with like-minded people to re-energise one another. Yes we may have discussed the government and lack of funding for essential services, but we spoke about #partnerships, mentoring strategy, and our current links with #schools in #Oxford too.

When two minds come together it’s amazing the power and positivity that result. You don’t even need an hour. Ten minutes will do. Have you spent 10 minutes today with someone who will boost your day?

Cake is always a bonus but not essential. The company is the most important part.