Why and What?

Young people need safe spaces where they feel listened to, with people they can rely on. In a pressured world, both for the young person and the adults that support them, that can be hard to find. I aim to be that person, providing a place to explore, find their voice, and make a positive, powerful change that benefits them.


I provide services to primary and secondary schools, EYFS settings, and youth centres. I work with private clients in the home and have worked digitally via online meeting platforms with those in other parts of the country. Community classes are offered when capacity allows.


Non vis

Tailored support to meet the individual’s need allowing them to be seen and heard. Offering a calm, safe space, sessions are led by the needs of the young person, allowing them to take control of the difficulties they are experiencing and find suitable solutions to support them.

Who:       1:1/1:2
Length:   Between 1-2 hours per session.
Time:       Usually 6-12 sessions initially.
Cost:        From £60 per session.

1:1 Mentoring (most popular)

Tailored support to meet the individual’s need allowing them to be seen and heard. Offering a calm, safe space, sessions are led by the needs of the young person, allowing them to take control of the difficulties they are experiencing and find suitable solutions to support them.

When assessing young people for one to one coaching, I use a framework that looks at the development and diagnostic of the child. This process is not about classifying them but identifies patterns of functioning to formulate a workable action plan of support.

Who:       1:1/1:2
Length:   Between 1-2 hours per session.
Time:       Usually 6-12 sessions initially.
Cost:        From £60 per session.

Group/Class Wellbeing Sessions

Bring young people together to calm the mind through building stronger relationships with their peers. Connection, concentration, and compassion in the space allows them to support each other’s wellbeing. Sessions can help with self-esteem and confidence, anxiety and anger, and improve trust, respect, and wellbeing.

Who:       Small Group/School Class
Length:   Between 1-2 hours per session.
Time:       Standalone workshop or weekly for a term.
Cost:        From £70 per session.

Drawing and Talking Therapy

Drawing and Talking is a short-term, time-limited, pro-active therapeutic intervention intended to complement, rather than replace, the work of specialist mental health services. This non-intrusive tool allows processing of emotional pain resulting from trauma through a non-directed technique.

Who:       Strictly 1:1
Length:   30 mins per session.
Time:       Strictly 12 weeks.
Cost:        c. £450 per programme.

Non vis

Wellbeing support can work better in the home or other familiar setting such as at Scouts or a youth club. Whether working 1:1 with a young person, supporting a family, or providing a one-off workshop, this is for you. Scout and Guide groups can discuss badge requirements to cover and I’ll do my best to support. I can attend sleepovers for pre-bedtime wind-down.

Who:       Family/Small charity group
Length:   Between 1-2 hours per session.
Time:        Standalone workshop or weekly sessions.
Cost:        From £60 per family/£50 for charities.

Family/Charity Session

Wellbeing support can work better in the home or other familiar setting such as at Scouts or a youth club. Whether working 1:1 with a young person, supporting a family, or providing a one-off workshop, this is for you. Scout and Guide groups can discuss badge requirements to cover and I’ll do my best to support. I can attend sleepovers for pre-bedtime wind-down.

Who:       Family/Small charity group
Length:   Between 1-2 hours per session.
Time:        Standalone workshop or weekly sessions.
Cost:        From £60 per family/£50 for charities.


Whether it’s understanding what a young person is trying to communicate through their behaviour, or your youth service needs to improve provision, a fresh pair of eyes can help identify needs and formulate plans. For wellbeing support, young people can be assessed using a framework allowing a clear developmental and diagnostic profile. 

Who:       Customisable
Length:   Customisable
Cost:        POA

Storytelling Workshops

Through storytelling, young people can have fun, use their imaginations, and improve their confidence. A healthy blend of activities mixed with either performance or writing skills dependent on the group, these workshops can make a great one-off activity or a programme developed over a longer period.

Who:       Group size variable
Length:   Usually 60-90 mins.
Time:       Standalone workshop or weekly for a term.
Cost:        From £60 per session.

Did you know?

Research shows that half of all mental health problems occur before the age of 14. Issues that arise in childhood and impact children and young people can, without appropriate support, embed themselves and cause a long-term vulnerability to further mental health issues. Whether learning strategies as a group, or time in a 1:1, young people need dedicated space to explore. This form of early intervention is key to supporting young people’s wellbeing and can help reduce school absence. 


Half-term Wellbeing Treat

Be Free Young Carers operates across South Oxfordshire, offering dedicated support and advice to aid the lives and wellbeing of young carers in Oxfordshire. I had the privilege to run holiday workshops for all ages to provide a destress and the chance for the young carers to learn destress techniques.

GCSE Exam Confidence Workshops

The Warriner School, Bloxham is a Good rated secondary school near Banbury, but as GCSE exams loomed they wanted to teach skills to help the young people get through the stressful period. I provided power bursts for lunch time groups and girls-only after-school sessions where there was a marked improvement in wellbeing and confidence. Feedback afterwards was that all young people felt better able to process their emotions before, during, and after the exams and had been successful.

Primary wellbeing programme for SEND pupils

Our Lady’s, Cowley is a Good rated Catholic primary school near Oxford. Having identified pupils to work with, I supported a small group of priority SEND children on a themed programme in order to support greater and more productive engagement in the classroom. The programme saw an improvement in their self-esteem and provided confidence boosting skills.

Coaching Scouts to Be Wellbeing Prepared

The Scouts have regualrly invited me to several of their groups across Oxfordshire. Working with all ages, I have supported weekly sessions, attended sports days, as well as sleepovers, in order to provide an insight into how the brain works and how they can best support their own wellbeing. I work closely with the leaders to tie workshops in with themes and any badgework that the children may be completing. These workshops have been run with all ages. 

Bringing the Wellbeing Rainbow to Rainbows

The Guides have had me attend their Rainbow and Brownie weekly sessions across Oxfordshire to provide fun activities around wellbeing skills. We have worked to themes and introduced craft in longer sessions. Like the Scouts workshops, sessions have been tailored to their badgework, and on occasions been amended last minute based on heavily reduced numbers.

Easing anxiety allowed school re-engagement

School Anxiety meant a Year 9 pupil had begun to disengage at a crucial point in his education. When he did manage to get into school, the experience was not positive. A private client, we spent time building up his confidence and pinpointing where the difficulties were. Working through each of these, at the end of our time together, he was fully re-engaged with classes, happier in himself, felt ‘saved’, and passed his exams.

Packing up the anxiety to go on a residential

Separation Anxiety and fear of the unknown has made attending school residentials an impossibility for several primary school pupils I’ve worked with. The prospect of time away from home and the ‘what-ifs’ of being there were overpowering throughts. Working with individuals, we identified areas to work on and then put in place strategies that would allow them to pack up their wellbeing kits and step over the threshold.

Support to all school ages

1:1 coaching and group workshops featured highly when I worked in an all-through school. Whether helping set up a Nurture space and working with SEND pupils or dealing with wellbeing and behaviour of secondary pupils, I supported many children and young people to re-engage with lessons, providing tailored support to meet their needs.

Starting Early with wellbeing skills for life

Kennington Playgroup children enjoyed regular sessions where I linked to the theme of the week, teaching relaxation skills through fun activities, games, and stories. This gave them a strong foundation and understanding of mental health and wellbeing strategies for when they move up to their primary schools, and for which they can carry through to adulthood. Weekly, I would work with groups of varying sizes teaching them story massage, breathing techniques, and more.

Educating and Engaging to save lives

Justice in Motion, an Oxford-based physical theatre company who tackle social justice issues, are touring their production of CODE, which focuses on county lines, knife crime, and child exploitation. My role is to work closely with professional agencies across England to engage young people in week-long residencies attached to the production, as well as a new education programme designed by myself. I am involved in research and impact work, as well as the development of an education resource pack for schools.

Saving a Youth Centre from collapse

Wolvercote Young People’s Club had been left without staff and an uncertain future at the end of the Covid-19 pandemic. Taking on the role of Charity Manager, it became clear the breadth of issues from extreme financial defecit to lack of support or cohesion. Having relaunched the youth provision, I employed a staff and volunteer team, instated new systems, processes, procedures, vision, mission, and five-year business plan, and at time of leaving, with support from my team, the club no longer had the five-figure deficit which it had held for half a decade, and had a healthy membership. Strong partnerships had been built and several community events held, including intergenerational work.


Relaunching a closed youth centre

Kennington Youth Club had a rich 75-year history. It closed in 2016 and was set for permanent closure. Taking on the lead role in 2017, I spent seven years managing youth provision. Within two weeks of reopening we were full with a waiting list. Within three months we received national accreditation. The building had a complete overhaul, including the introduction of a wellbeing room, and fully succeeded on all areas of the five-year business plan I had created. We offered young leader training, and provided a variety of trips and events in addition to a varied weekly programme that followed the NYA’s Curriculum.


Pilot programme creates new college

When the Oxfordshire Discovery College, a mental health and wellbeing intervention for children and young people, was launched, I was asked to support with its inception. Working in partnership with another tutor, I co-designed and led the college’s pilot project, working in Tower Hill Primary School in Witney. This project had many challenges, including ensuring it was fully accessible by all children referred to it, but doing it in the middle of a global pandemic too. Results showed an increase in confidence, ability to be calm, and better able to manage in difficult situations. This programme still exists within the college, now called Discovery Club.

Coping with over-subscription

Scouts have been around for years. For around 15 of those I was a Section Leader. During my time I helped launch a Beaver Scout Colony (ages 6-8), and in a precarious time, amended our practice to ensure we didn’t close. We rapidly became full with a waiting list long enough to launch another group the same size. Simultaneously I launched an Explorer Scout Unit (ages 14-18), offering DofE, Young Leaders training, and many excursions. At 17, I was a District Leader coordinating adult volunteers and programmes across the locality, leading and assisting with large scale events, and running meetings. The groups I launched continue to this day. I was awarded the Chief Scout’s Commendation for Good Service.

Helping youth work improve its output

Oxfordshire Youth provides support to youth services across the county. During my time there, I supported in the development of the online presence of the organisation, working with the website creator, writing and distributing digital content, and providing live social media updates at conferences. I managed the accreditation scheme, which coincided with providing tailored support and training to local youth organisations, working with them to streamline their work and build partnerships. I was instrumental in impact evaluation for reporting. I put in place processes for event bookings to increase reach and improve the professionalism of the charity.

Attending to a school's special measures

St Christopher’s Primary School in Cowley, Oxford was placed into special measures. Working alongside their pastoral and data administrators to review processes and procedures, I helped them instigate new systems that would allow them to see clearly where the issues were and then identify how best to support children and their families with these in order to improve school engagement. During this, full breakdowns of every class and granular work at pupil level was undertaken, with strategies put in place to support individual families. This work contributed to OFSTED removing the school’s special measures grading.

Cleaning up the prolems with solutions

South Oxford Adventure Playground (SOAP) works with children and young people in an outdoors after-school setting. Over a period of three years, I provided support to the organisation notably around processes, procedures, policies, and people, as well as provided activity ideas, in order to improve their practice and help streamline their work. Partnership working between Kennington Youth Club and Wolvercote Young People’s Club were also discussed to best support all three organisations.


Year 9 Pupil

I’ve been offered so many things that haven’t worked, school stuff mostly, and people who say ‘This is what you should do’. This wasn’t like that. You listened.

I can only describe my life being like a race I was on and I kept tripping over the anxiety. You have helped me take control. I can just enjoy the race now, and it’s at my pace. I can even cope with school now.

I’m grateful to have my life back and be mentally at peace. Nothing, absolutely nothing, has been as helpful as working with you.

Be Free Young Carers

Thanks for the wonderful sessions that you facilitated for our young carers. They all got a lot out of the day and had a lot of fun at the same time.

Imogen Parker

Roy supported my son throughout the uncertain times of COVID and lockdowns, which has been really helpful for us. I asked my son what he thinks and he said ‘Roy is kind and has helped me feel less anxious. The 1:1s are fun’. I would recommend Roy. He is very approachable, knowledgeable, and dedicated to his work as a coach.

8th Oxford Beavers

Fantastic visit from Roy to our Beaver Colony. Roy was engaging with the young people and the flow of the evening was well delivered. The Beavers stayed focused throughout the evening and left feeling relaxed and with some new techniques to try at home. Highly recommended.

Youth Work Consultancy

Roy has a clear and thorough understanding of how to meet the needs of individuals. A forward-thinker, he works creatively looking for fun and innovative ways to present ideas and share knowledge, [whilst] seeking input from others in decision making. Friendly, approachable, and striving for excellence in every task, his output is of a consistently high standard. He goes above and beyond.

Our Lady's Primary School SEND workshops

Roy was a professional throughout, very easy to liaise with, and gentle in his approach. The results over just six sessions prove how beneficial the programme is.

Youth Work Consultancy

Roy is a good communicator and problem solver. His meticulous planning means he anticipates issues before they arise, and then is able to manage the situation well with a thought-through approach, often involving others. He creates a positive and caring atmosphere and goes above the call of duty to support those who need it. His output is of a very high standard and he understands the needs of volunteer-led youth groups better than others, and is able to effectively communicate with group leaders to illicit positive engagement and work collaboratively to find solutions to any areas of concern.

Lucy Worth, Primary SEND client

Coaching has worked really well with my son. He is currently undiagnosed but has anger issues. He looked forward to seeing Roy every week to let him know how the week had gone and what methods he had used to help him. My son loved the colours, characters etc that Roy used. Breathing exercises work really well and when my son gets angry he may need to be told to breathe but he now knows how to calm down. Highly recommend the courses Roy offers. It’s making a difference!

1st Osney Rainbows

As a Guide Leader I wanted a unique experience for our Rainbows. This was very reasonably priced, well pitched to the age group, and filled our standard unit meeting. The session was delivered very professionally, and the girls had a great (and relaxing!) time. I knew you were good but I would highly recommend you.

Jenny, Ark-T Centre

This was the first time the young people had met. Roy did really well in making them feel comfortable and bringing them together as a group. He was confident and made everyone feel relaxed and at ease. The young people said that the session was really fun…and they felt relaxed by the end.

Youth Work Consultancy

Roy is courteous and helpful. Clear and confident in approach, providing effective and timely support. Able to translate policy and strategy into concrete actions. A keen advocate of team wellbeing.

Warriner School (Exam Buster)

Your sessions were extremely useful and many of the girls say they use the techniques quite a lot now.

Community Class

The sessions have helped my child cope better with his anxiety and stress levels, improved his confidence and co-operation, as well as listening skills, and he is better able to calm himself down. Roy has been kind and calm, very approachable, and easy to get along with. He is really good at taking time to listen and take an interest in the children. I would recommend Roy to others.

Primary-aged private client

From the start, Roy came across as very friendly and helpful. He made an effort to welcome my son and was extremely enthusiastic. He talked through everything with me and I felt happy to leave them to it after seeing how comfortable my son was. A huge relief for me as he usually struggles, especially with people he doesn’t know. I would recommend Roy to others. We look forward to future sessions.

Community Class

As a result of the sessions, my child has improved confidence in expressing their feelings, and shows a greater concern for other people. They find it easier to calm themself down too. Roy made us feel very welcome and was confident and enthusiastic. He is a calm and kind coach and I would recommend him to others.

County Lines Workshop

You are the best teacher I’ve ever had. I’ve learnt more from you than my normal class teacher, and it’s about stuff that’s really important and relevant to my life.