We can all discover what’s wrong in our lives; that’s the easy part. The challenge is doing something about it.

As a result…my child has improved confidence in expressing their feelings and shows a greater concern for other people. They find it easier to calm themself down too. Roy is a calm and kind coach. I would recommend.

A satisfied parent

Primarily for Year 9 and above, this is a safe space to explore thoughts and feelings, to openly find ways to move forward in life. This is not a clinical service but an opportunity of exploration. No quick fixes. We work together to embed strategies that work for you.

Using a seven step programme, I teach a series of relaxation exercises that can be used anywhere to bring peace to the mind and body. This can run as 1:1 or in group settings. Particularly beneficial to schools and youth organisations.

Chill Skills is the teens version of Relax Kids. It continues to use the unique seven step programme but allows space to explore and discuss issues affecting the young people more. Has been used successfully as a pre-exam series in secondary school.

Just Relax is the adults version of Relax Kids. We still get chance to have fun, but we learn relaxation techniques at a steadier pace. From business professionals to a residential care home, why not try it for yourself?

Tailored to suit the group, this is a chance to bring out the storyteller in you. Using a host of writing and wellbeing methods blended together, by the end of the workshops you will be not only be more rested and relaxed but well on your way to writing some excellent stories too.