Young people need safe spaces where they feel listened to, with people they can trust and rely on. People who care. In a pressured world, both for the young person and the adults that support them, that can be hard to find. I aim to be that person. A stable adult who provides a place for them to explore, find their voice and make a positive, powerful change that benefits them through improved wellbeing.

‘To be an effective teacher, you should enjoy what you teach, but always love who you teach the most…Focus on connections… Develop that rapport…Have a genuine affection.’

– Brad Johnson

The above quote is from a book by Brad Johnson and equally applies to Youth Workers…and any adult.

Research shows that half of all mental health problems occur before the age of 14. Issues that arise in childhood and impact children and young people, can, without appropriate support, embed themselves and cause a long-term vulnerability to further mental health issues. Whether learning strategies as a group, or time in a 1:1, young people need dedicated space to explore. This form of early intervention is key to supporting young people’s wellbeing and can help reduce school exclusions.

I have and can work with primary and secondary schools, and youth centres, and dependent on availability can support EYFS.


1:1 Mentoring

One young person.
Normally up to 1 hour.
Usually 1 session per week.
From £60 per session.

A chance to really be seen and heard. Offering a calm, safe space, sessions are led by the needs of the young person, allowing them to take control of the difficulties they are experiencing and find suitable solutions to support them.

Sessions are planned to meet individual needs. At least one observation is recommended before intervention starts.

Small Group Workshops

Six young people.
Normally 1 hour per week.
Usually 1 session per week.
From £80 per session.

An opportunity to bring together a small group to work together on their wellbeing. This intervention allows a chance to build a strong relational approach, identifying solutions to support young people in the long run. Sessions usually focus on building self-esteem and confidence, dealing with anxiety and anger, and other similar difficulties. For consistency,  sessions will run on the same day each week.

Whole Class Wellbeing

Whole class.
Normally 1 hour per week.
Usually 1 session per week.
From £140 per session.

Bring consistency, connection, concentration, and compassion back to the board. Give your class the gift of a wellbeing workshop. Rebuild or strengthen relationships behind the door with activities focused on bringing your group together through trust, respect, and wellbeing activities. For consistency, sessions are held on the same day each week.

Family / Charity

Family or charitable.
Normally up to 1 hour.
1 session per week or standalone.
From £60 per session.

For some, wellbeing support works better in the family home or another familiar setting such as at Scouts or youth club. Whether working 1:1 with a young person, supporting a family, or providing a one-off workshop for a group, this is for you. Scout and Guide groups can discuss any badge requirements you need to cover and I’ll do my best to support. I can attend sleepovers/camps for a pre-bedtime wind-down if required.


Observations and Action Plans.
Price on application.

Whether you need help understanding what a young person is trying to communicate through their behaviour, or your youth service seems disjointed, a fresh pair of eyes can help identify needs and underlying issues. For wellbeing support, young people can be assessed using a nurture framework allowing a clear developmental and diagnostic profile. Any of my services can be utilised alongside this work as is deemed necessary.

Storytelling Workshops

Group size variable.
Sessions usually 60-90 minutes.
One-off or multiple sessions.
Price on application.

Creativity goes a long way to helping improve wellbeing. Through storytelling, young people can have fun, use their imaginations, improve their confidence, and create amazing adventures of the mind whilst they’re at it. A healthy blend of teambuilding activities mixed with either performance or writing skills dependent on the group, this can make a great one-off activity or a series developed over a longer period.

When assessing young people I use a framework that looks at the development and diagnostic of the child.
This process is not about classifying them but looks at patterns of their functioning to see where help may be needed.

What price do you put on a young person’s wellbeing?

What price on the provision you provide?


Youth Club Rejuvination

I was Charity Manager for two years at this youth centre in the north of Oxford. Having relaunched the youth provision, I employed a staff team and expanded the volunteer base, installed new systems, processes, procedures, vision, mission, and five-year business plan, and at time of leaving, with support from my team, the club no longer had the five-figure deficit which it had held for half a decade, and had a healthy membership. Strong partnerships had been built and community events held.

Section Launches

During my time as a Scout Leader I helped launch a Beaver Scout Colony, and in a precarious time amended our practice to ensure we kept running. We reached a point of being full with enough children to launch another group the same size. Simultaneously I launched an Explorer Scout Unit, offering DofE, Young Leaders, and many excursions and training. At 17, I was a District Leader coordinating adult volunteers and programme across the locality. The groups I launched continue to this day.

Special Measures Support

When this primary school was in special measures, I worked alongside their pastoral and data administrators at the time to review processes and procedures and instigate new systems that would allow them to see clearly where the issues were and then identify how best to support with these. During this, full breakdowns of every pupil and class was undertaken, and strategies put in place to support families. This work contributed to OFSTED removing the school’s special measures grading.

Youth Club Relaunch

In 2017 I relaunched this closed youth club which was at a point of permanent closure. I continue to run this charity and we have a high engagement level weekly. Within two weeks of reopening we were full with a waiting list. Within three months we received national accreditation. The building has had an overhaul, including the introduction of a wellbeing room, and fully succeeded on all areas of the five year business plan. We have offer young leader training, and provide a variety of trips and events in addition to a weekly programme.

Wellbeing Pilot Project

When the Oxfordshire Discovery College, a mental health and wellbeing intervention, was launched for children and young people, I was asked to support with its inception. Working in partnership with another tutor, I co-designed and led the pilot project, working in Tower Hill Primary School in Witney. This project had many challenges, including ensuring it was fully accessible by all children referred to it, but doing it in the middle of a global pandemic too. Results showed an increase in confidence, ability to be calm, and better ability in managing difficult situations.

Working for Wellbeing

After qualifying as a Relax Kids coach in 2016, I have successfully used the programme in a variety of settings across Oxfordshire. From primary schools (such as Our Ladys in Cowley) to secondary schools (such as The Warriner in Bloxham), from 1:1’s in the family home, to home educated groups, and Scout groups along the way. To date I have coached more than 600 children, young people, and some adults to aid relaxation and boost self-esteem. There has been success with SEND pupils, disengagers with school, anxieties over residentials, and support around exam stress, all with excellent feedback.

Youth Club Support

At Oxfordshire Youth I supported in the development of the online presence at the organisation, working with the website creator, writing and distributing digital content, and providing live social media updates at conferences. I managed the accreditation scheme, which concided with providing tailored support and training to local youth organisations, working with them to streamline their work. I was instrumental in impact evaluation for reporting. I implemented processes for event booking to increase reach and improve the professionalism of the charity.


Wellbeing Workshop

Be Free Young Carers operates across South Oxfordshire, offering dedicated support and advice to aid the lives and wellbeing of young carers in Oxfordshire. I have had the privilege to run holiday workshops for all ages.

Exam Confidence

The Warriner School, Bloxham is a Good secondary school near Banbury. As exams loomed they wanted to teach skills to help young people get through the tricky period. I provided mixed lunch time groups and girls-only after-school sessions.

Wellbeing Programme

Our Lady’s, Cowley is a Good Catholic primary school near Oxford. I worked with a small group of priority SEND children on a theme in order to support their engagement within the classroom and help improve self-esteem and confidence boosting.

Wellbeing Workshops

The Scouts have seen me attend groups across Oxfordshire to support on weekly meetings, fun days, and on sleepovers to provide a taster of wellbeing activities, sometimes working to a theme, as well as support badgework. 

Wellbeing Workshops

The Guides have had me attend their Brownie weekly sessions across Oxford to provide fun activities around wellbeing. These sessions, like the Scouts ones, have been tailored to the needs of  their group and badgework being undertaken.

1:1 Private Client

School Anxiety prevented a Year 9 pupil from attending school. As a private client we spent time working on building up his confidence and pinpointing where the difficulties were. By the end of his sessions he was successful in school, passing his exams.

1:1 Private Client

School Residential Anxiety was making the prospect of time away from home an impossibility. Working closely with several different clients, we have overcome the fears and each young person has been able to attend their residentials with confidence.

School 1:1s and Groups

1:1s and group workshops were the order of the day when I worked in both parts of the then all through school. I provided wellbeing taster sessions for whole classes as well as worked specifically with young people identified as having SEND to help with their re-engagement in the classroom.

Community Groups

Community Sessions have provided members of villages and localities to come together to learn wellbeing techniques that they can take into any setting be it school or the home. Being in local spaces often feels more relaxed than in school.

Home Educated

Home Educated Young People enjoyed adding to their curriculum by learning about wellbeing through creative adventures. Their sessions were filtered into the day and allowed them to learn skills to support them at home and when meeting with others.