Children and Young People are under immense pressure to always be on their A game. It doesn’t need to be like this.

One in six children has a mental health condition and can wait 18 months for clinical help, but sometimes, simply having a safe space to talk, be creative, and learn relaxation techniques with a skilled mentor can be a great first step to making sense of life.

And by chance, you clicked on my website!

At every stage of a child or young person’s life, they’re having to deal with emotional and physical changes in an ever-increasing fast-paced world. Before we know it, they’re adults, stressed to the max, lost in a sea of high emotions, worry, upset, and confusion.

As a qualified Youth Worker with extensive experience of working in the education and voluntary sectors, the majority of my clients are children and teens struggling with the stresses and strains of life. I have worked with all ages for 19 years, completed a plethora of training in life coaching and mindful practices, and continue to support individuals and groups to navigate the world they’re growing up in. Some of the people I work with simply want to learn basic relaxation techniques in order to be able to switch off at the end of the day. For others they want a bit more support to resolve a specific issue affecting their wellbeing. I help adults too. Let me help you boost your self-esteem and confidence, explore your abilities, and help you relax. Whether 1:1 or in group settings, I centre you as an individual and create a safe, calm, and supportive environment.

You’ll see it says I’m a Creative too at the top of the page. I write poetry, short stories, scripts, and more, and encourage creativity throughout my work, which includes my Writing for Wellbeing course.

It’s been great working with you. Thank you for all your support. You’ve been a lovely person to communicate with during all this. I hope our paths cross again one day. 

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I’ve been offered so many things that haven’t worked, school stuff mostly, and people who say ‘this is what you should do’. This wasn’t like that. You listened. I can only describe my life being like a race I was on and I kept tripping over the anxiety. You have helped me take control. I can just enjoy the race now, and it’s at my pace. I can even cope with school now. I’m grateful to have my life back and be mentally at peace. Nothing, absolutely nothing, has been as helpful as working with you.

Year 9-aged young person following regular coaching, Jan 2021

The sessions are excellent practice in helping my son to manage distractions, focus and listen to instructions. The individual attention is ideal, as is the fact that my son is at home for the sessions.

Considering we’re in a severe lockdown, the sessions are online, school attendance is terribly limited, and my son has barriers to learning, I think it’s amazing that he’s managed to get through sessions from Jan. 4th until March 2nd.

In addition, my son had his own CAMHS assessment online this week; he completed the whole hour of activities with a clinician, who he had never met before. It wasn’t easy for him at all. He got anxious at times, and distracted, but was able to recover quickly each time. My husband was really impressed that our son had managed the assessment.

I think that the experiences gained from doing the Relax Kids sessions made it significantly easier for my son to complete this assessment. Not only that, but the sessions are giving him an excellent training in learning a form of discipline that is needed for good concentration.

Finally, I’m noticing how useful it is for him to be experiencing the benefits of being able to repair any mishaps or breaks in concentration. These breaks are dealt with real empathy but firmly by Roy. This is really helping to build my son’s confidence up, as he learns to come back and try again (e.g to not give up at the first sign of difficulty).

Thank you Roy for all your hard work – it’s making a difference!

Name withheld (Primary School aged child coaching, Jan 2021 onwards)