I love theatre. Watching it, writing it, creating it. There is something magical about being transported to another world for anywhere between a few minutes to a few hours. I’ve been acting since the age of 9 (and acting up since long before).

With early training from The Vera Legge School of Performing Arts with performances at The New Theatre, Oxford to training in all technical aspects at Pegasus Theatre, Oxford (including an exciting stint alongside the Oxford School of Drama), as a teen I was ‘running the show’ which is a heck of a prospect, but fulfilling a variety of roles including duty manager front of house has allowed me to respect how each decision a person makes in the theatre impacts the overall experience.

I’ve received further training from KEPOW theatre company, the RSC, Small Nose Productions, and have been part of the Lime Walk Players for a decade now as performer and director.

Roy has a sensational voice and clear presence whilst performing.

Michael Corbidge, Voice and Text Associate, RSC

A playful performer with great energy. Fun to watch.

Mark Curtis, Small Nose Productions

October 2019. The premiere of my debut production All at Sea was performed at The Unicorn Theatre, Abingdon.

Nell Hook – Kate
Jenny Lewis – Judy
Julie Kemp-Harper – Tess
Kara Young – Pash

In a bustling seaside town, the Seafare shop serves the community, the profits from their sales supporting the local lifeboat crew, but when they’re battling with the bigger brands, being settled in your ways won’t cut it.

As a summer storm approaches, so does Pash, an aspiring entrepreneur with a firm idea for how the business should run. With Judy’s husband away, Judy’s caught off guard and soon determined to quit, her daughter Kate ends up floundering under bacon sarnies, and family friend Tess starts a mission to send Pash packing.

Will the crew pull together or will they jump ship?

All at Sea was a breath of fresh air. Very enjoyable.

Funny and moving.

A down to earth and relatable story.

Rehearsal photography

I have had theatre training with The Vera Legge School of Performing Arts, Pegasus Theatre, and KEPOW theatre company, the RSC, Small Nose Productions, stints onstage and backstage at the New Theatre, Oxford, as well as studying creative writing at a basic level with The Open University. I have worked with Oxford School of Drama.