In Development

I am currently developing new courses to support young people based on requests from parents and professionals. These courses and workshops bring together aspects of activities I have presented before as well as my current offer of Relax Kids relaxation techniques, and protective behaviours. Aside from these I am collaborating on other projects which are also in the development phase. Check back here for more info soon.

Peer Leader

The Peer Leader course is aimed at those in Year 8 as a basis and good grounding for leadership roles which tend to exist only when they reach Year 9 in the form of the Duke of Edinburgh Award. In my experience, young people are usually settled in their secondary schools by this stage and this is when they are left ‘floating’ as an in-between year before they choose their GCSE’s. At my youth club, I’ve seen a keen interest from many young people to ‘be leaders’ so we look to develop the skills in a simple and engaging way, with the aim that come Year 9 they will look forward to other leadership opportunities that are available to them. This project is also near completion and ready to be trialled. July 2019: I’ve put this on hold briefly having just launched the other courses, but do get in touch if you are interested in finding out more.


A new radio show (in part collaboration with Wildman Environmental Learning), this show focuses on a different guest’s experiences of the world each week, seeks their view on what methods they have found to improve their wellbeing, and aims to help others benefit from this shared knowledge. The pilot of this new show was undertaken at the end of July 2019.