These are some of the clients that I am currently working with, developing websites and other media outlets for their user needs. Please note that some of these are in very early stages, but all are with the client’s need at the forefront. Creativity is an organic process and your project should be too.


apc new logo

The business offers a personalised service to enable you to create reality from your dreams where wood is concerned! Be it bookcases, garage doors, fencing, or wardrobes, big or small, Adam Peach Carpentry can help you.


kennington youth clubI have been employed with Kennington Youth Club since the summer of 2017. At the time, the club was closed with a bleak future. I reopened it and we had full membership within two weeks, new branding, and at Christmas, received an accreditation for our hard work. This website is a joint effort between myself and the club’s new website manager.


website screen grab

January 2018 saw an opportunity to develop international links and become webmaster for the Oxford Leiden Link group. Their brief is to have a site that engages with current members but welcomes new ones too. When I took the site on, they did not have their logo on it, the information was dated, as very few photographs existed. It remains a work in progress.


MS logJanuary 2018 I was asked to take on the editorship of the Multiple Sclerosis Oxford branch’s four-yearly newsletter. The content is provided but requires providing a clear text and image layout with subsequent distribution to 150+ members.