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As it seems

It seems to me that things aren’t always as they seem.

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My blog always seems to be a series of randomness. Depending on how I feel it varies in content but my main aim is to hold a space for my musings, things that come to me, and so on. It seems that’s what works for me.

Seems is a strange old word though. I was on one of my usual walks on a day when I was working from home when this blog seemed to form. Although we’re mid-pandemic, schools have returned and I’m back to being in the classroom. The day prior to this moment of inspiration and questioning, I happened to be sat in the staffroom when the headteacher on a break proclaimed that ‘everyone seems so happy in school at the moment’ – I wondered how true that was. Generally people do appear content, yet, underneath there’s still concern, worry, anxiety, stress about the global situation we find ourselves in. We’re all in masks and visors. It’s evident the virus hasn’t left and people aren’t fully confident about doing without the protective equipment we have in place.

It wasn’t until the next day whilst enjoying a break from the computer that the word ‘seems’ popped into my head once more. Seems. How do we use it? It seems everyone is happy. It seems that things are getting better. It seems that everyone is conquering life when I’m not. I started thinking up sentences and instances when the word seems appears or is used.

It seems (oh crikey, here we go again) that that certain word is almost like a mask that we can put on to hide what’s really happening. Perhaps the whole pandemic should be classed as ‘seems’ if we’re in mask mode. Yes, it may seem that people are happy, but are they? How well are they hiding their true feelings? A mask that only shows your eyes doesn’t always reveal the true pain you’re suffering. It may seem that things are getting better, but are they? There’s been huge arguments about Covid reporting and data issues. How easy is it to fudge the numbers and make things appear better than they are? It seems that everyone is conquering life when I’m not. I’ve heard that a lot from people. This one comes down to perceptions that people put out of themselves very often and how much you want to believe that. Remember, people tend to only post online the positives of their life. It’s all rosy in an edit and delete world.

Not only is the word seems an interesting one to delve in to, but the whole dictionary is. We were looking at the benefits of using an actual dictionary in class today. A dying art it would seem. The internet is an all too easy go to. I wonder what would happen if we digested more words and understood their meanings. Would we improve our lives? Maybe we would be able to get our points across better. I suppose it may even help us to explain ourselves in a clearer way when we’re lost for words. Who knows, with even a small shift in mindset we could amend our outlook and project how we really feel rather than the front we think others should see. What a world that would look like.

Why not, when you go about your day, try and spot when the word is used and see what you think. Could people be covering up the truth or their true emotions? Is it some sort of mask for something else? What about other words? Interesting experiement.

Not everything is really as it seems, is it?

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