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Gone in a Flash

Telling a short story can be fun, but what about when your story needs to be really short?

I enjoy short stories. There’s something exciting about a piece of writing that manages to convey a moment in time, like a small scene that could potentially be a part of a bigger story or a novel.

To date, I’ve written several pieces that fall under the ‘short’ heading, but today I’ve decided to write a bit of flash fiction. If you’ve never heard of it, think of your favourite superhero flying through the sky, swooping down to enjoy the action, and leaving with an ‘Aha! The End’ sign trailing behind him (or her). Flash is interesting in that it has to be quick. In essence it too could be a scene as part of a bigger story but you word count is so small you have to make sure each letter counts.

I’ve ventured into flash only a couple of times before because it is a real challenge and today was no exception. I was writing to a limit set by others. Write a story in 250 words. That’s about half a page of A4 paper. In that space you need to be able to get a beginning, middle, and end (remember those from school?) which means not too many characters and a single piece of action. It’s tough but I’ve done it. I’m pleased with the results too. I can’t post it here sadly as it goes against the rules of the competition I’ve entered but who knows, in time, you may see it.

Why not have a go yourself? Here’s a few prompts. I wonder if you can create a story in 250 words?


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