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Right place, write time

My blogs are intermittent, that’s true. Sadly, my day to day writing has been too, until lockdown.

That’s right. It’s been a great time to take a stand. Fight back against the demons and delays that creep in with being a part-time writer whilst holding down jobs to make ends meet (ah the glamorous life!). No longer have I needed to snatch five minutes here and there and struggle to make something coherent come from it.

For me, lockdown has allowed me to bin old magazines, and believe me, there were a lot, which not only has meant a lot more positive energy in the room, but I’m no longer pretending I’m picking my way carefully over a rubbish tip waiting to see if my characters are struggling for air underneath the detritus.

The time has allowed me to crack on with editing my debut novel. I’ve spent a few years writing it. Admittedly, that’s a lie. I spent a year writing it and have spent 15 editing it because I’ve always found ways to improve it and not send it to the publishers (thanks perfectionist voice). This time with the help of Scrivener, it’s coming together nicely. Oh where has Scrivener been all my life?

The downside is my short stories have taken a bit of a back seat but on the plus side (this starts to sound like a cheap version of Fortunately, Unfortunately), the end is in sight. What I really need is someone to keep on at me until it’s in print. By some miracle, the characters haven’t aged in 15 years. I wonder what their secret formula is? Oh if only I knew. Could be very beneficial, couldn’t it?

So, although lockdown has been tough for many, and I’ve had my moments, it’s also been a joy to reignite my passion again with the town of Stoneford and all that happens in the resident’s lives.

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