Mic I Ask A Question?

Sometimes when you have an idea, you need to push yourself into taking action, no matter who’s listening.

This is year I’m aiming to take action on a lot of different ideas and projects. My attempt is to say yes more often than I say no. I even have an accountability partner, which keeps me pushing along.

One of the most recent exciting developments is in the realm of radio. It’s no secret that I’ve been a radio broadcaster for nearly 15 years now, and whilst I’ve been lucky to win an award for it, there comes a time when you fancy a change, and for about a year, I’ve had one of those pipeline dreams to create a new show – a talk show.

It wasn’t until a chance meeting with Stuart Mabbutt, of Wildman Environmental Learning, where he asked what I was up to and whether I could produce his nationally-broadcast show that we realised there was a real connection with the work and content we were creating.

Since then, we have spent months, and it is months, going back and forth on email and in meetings trying to tighten up the proposal, and at the weekend, we piloted the first show ready for the green light. Sure, there’s a few tweaks needed. There are with most things, but it’s a great step forward and given me another exciting buzz for this year.

Watch this space for more info as the show develops. We may also do some podcasting as well.

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