The True Value of Friendship

How much value do you put on your friendship? As much as you really think?

I heard a recent report that said Brits have fewer friends than anywhere in the world with 2.6 best friends on average (can’t think who that one friend is who I only half like!). The flip side is that those few friends are ones we have stronger relationships with.

Oddly, I was asked earlier today how often my friends contact me. Now, this might put a few noses out of joint, but I’ll be honest. In my experience, the majority of people I know and have always classed as friends only tend to contact me after I’ve contacted them first. Some don’t even reply.

I tried to make it a bit of a mission to contact more friends this year but lost hope after a while. I wonder how many others find this applies to them too.

We all lead busy lives but let’s not forget that friendship is a two way thing. There’s always that quote going around that true friends don’t need to contact you, but if we stuck to that mantra nobody would ever contact anyone ever again.

A plea. Whoever you class as a friend, check in with them from time to time. Doesn’t take much to be the first to message them, or call them, or even send a carrier pigeon AND if a friend contacts you, even if it takes a while, at least make the effort to reply (with something meaningful other than just ‘yeah lol’ which is as good as though ridiculous one size fits all sentences they use on school report cards – meaningless).

I’d say rant over, but it’s not a rant. It’s just a reminder 😊

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