Bored visions?

It’s amazing to think that Christmas is now a distant memory. One month ago we gathered around to celebrate time together and new beginnings, and here, today, one month on, have we really made any progress?

Me personally, I am grateful that my health has improved ten-fold and I am able to start looking towards a future that I believe is going to be great. But what about you? Why not comment below and let me know how life is mapping out for you so far.

I’ve left it a little while to post, in part as I needed some time to just start getting life back on track, but now, hopefully, things are going to steady out and I can get back to the blogging a bit more regularly.

I want to draw your attention to something I was told to try recently and it is amazing how the results work. Vision Boarding.

I’d never heard of it until recently and didn’t have a clue what it was, how to do it, or whether I would be any good at it. Actually, the only person who can judge how good you are at it, is you. So what is this vision boarding exercise all about?

Vision boarding is allowing yourself to gather photos, text, or anything that promotes your feelings, wants, and needs for the future, shoves them in one place where you can see them each day, and somehow sends subliminal messages each time you look at it for you to start making progress on it. I will be honest and say I thought it was a load of tosh to begin with and as I sat cutting out pictures and images for what is essentially a visual bucket list, I felt as though this was just another fad.

Yet, here I am a month later with my (sort of) new year’s resolutions laid out on a board next to me, and I can see that several of the things are already starting to happen and come true. Some of them are more long term goals and will take a bit more effort and energy, and I need to balance it with keeping myself happy and healthy, which is also on my board, but I can say that hand on heart, this process has begun to have a positive effect on my life.

Have you tried vision boarding? Yes? Tell me about it. What was your experience. If not, grab yourself some paper, card, or whatever, and start taking pictures out of magazines, off of pinterest, or get drawing if you are so inclined and be creative making a collage of ideas and ideals for the future. Keep it in a place where you can see it every day – it’s no good having it tucked away. I find on the wall by the bed is good as you see it at two key points in the day. Interestingly, family have now spotted it and whilst I felt embarrassed by it to start with, they’ve started saying ‘why don’t you try such and such?’, ‘so and so could help with that’, and you begin to realise that all of those thoughts and ideas in your head are more likely to come to fruition when you begin to accept that only you can make the change to achieve them all.

Have a go at vision boarding and let me know how you get on. It’s good for the mind, body, and soul and could see your future turning out how you’ve always dreamed it to.

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