ONENESS! That’s right, BBC one’s new idents. I have no real idea what they’re all about and have been wondering if anyone can shed any light on it.

Thankfully, we turn to the wonder that is Ian Pinnell, an award winning broadcaster and creative from Oxfordshire, to help us understand why on earth we now have to watch bathers backsides before bedtime rather than swimming hippos, but what’s the reason behind it, and is it just a copy of the ITV swimmers idents? In all honesty, without the channel’s branding over the top, this image could be for any channel, or holiday, or torture if it’s cold.

Ian provides an insightful look into the branding and suggests perhaps a more community approach is what’s needed.

Find Ian’s investigationĀ HERE

If you’re not following Ian’s blogs, I recommend you do. They are well worth a read.


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